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Strawberry Patch Field Trips

April & May

For over 14 years, we have committed to educating Middle Georgia residents through our “Agriculture in the Classroom” classes. Learn how strawberries are grown, pick one pound of strawberries, and enjoy a fresh cup of ice cream. Perfect for students of all ages, day care centers, specials needs groups, seniors…everyone enjoys this tour! Contact Wendy today to schedule your field trip.

($7 per person with ice cream, $6 per person without ice cream)

Strawberry Patch Tours

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Farm Tours

June & July

Lane's Tour Bus

Hop a ride on a replica of the very first Blue Bird Bus company bus for a tour of our adjoining peach and pecan orchards. Sit back and relax while the tour guide shares the rich history of the Middle Georgia peach industry, as well as facts on how our crops are grown and harvested. *Seating is limited; groups of 20 or more are encouraged to contact Wendy to schedule a tour in advance.

(Ages 3 – 12 $4 / Seniors $5 / Adults $6)

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Packing Line Tour

Mid-May through August

Ever wonder how the peach makes it from the tree to your table? Take our free self-guided tour of the peach packing process and find out! Enjoy the view from the elevated catwalk, learn the basics from the informational cards along the way, and watch the journey of the sweet Georgia peach from the farm to your table.

Lane's Packing Line Tour

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Corn Maze Tour


Lane's Corn Maze Tour

Take the ultimate field trip! Get lost in the twists and turns of our six acre corn maze while you play Cornundrum. Haven’t heard of Cornundrum? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Find the corny signs hidden along the secret paths for a chance to win prizes while you find your way out. Worried about getting lost? Let us put your mind at ease…if you take a wrong turn and lose your way, you can use your cell phone and we’ll text you hints, or you can call for our corn cops to guide you out. Perfect activity for individuals, families, even field trips! Contact Wendy for your reservations and pricing.