Field Trips

Our farm is always open for field trips! We throw some learning in there of course, but never at the expense of sweet treats and belly laughs.

For over 16 years, Lane Southern Orchards has focused on educating Middle Georgia students with our "Agriculture in the Classroom" classes. Our structured field trips are designed for as few as 10 and as many as 200 students, and are absolutely safe for all staff, chaperones and children.

All of our tours and activities are open to school groups, but our Strawberry Patch Tour is open only for you guys!

Strawberry Patch Field Trips 2017

Opens April 10

Monday through Friday, starting at 10 am

This sweet trip is just $7.00 per child and includes a tour guide, strawberries, and of course some homemade ice cream! Our tour guide will present educational information about strawberries and escort the group through our strawberry patch. Each child gets to pick strawberries to fill their own 1 lb. container to take home, with teacher assistance required! And because we can't ignore anyone's sweet tooth at Lane Southern Orchards, we give everyone a cup of fresh ice cream-you guys choose the flavor when you book the tour, and unless allergies are involved, all students must enjoy the same flavor.

We would never leave out the adults, so we treat teachers, ParaPros and bus drivers to pick a 1 lb. container of strawberries and enjoy a cup of ice cream for free. Parents and chaperones can pick strawberries at a discounted rate of $3.25 per pound.

Our tour lasts about an hour, but we welcome y'all to stay a little longer and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at our pavilion.

Corn Maze


School Groups Monday through Friday, 10am to 2:30pm

At Lane Southern Orchards, we don't mess around when it comes to Corn Maze season. We have six whole acres dedicated to the main corn maze, and prizes for playing Cornundrum, a challenge to find our corny-but darling!-signs hidden within the maze. And no need to worry, if you take a wrong turn in the maze, you can text us for hints or call one of our corn cops to guide you out. Once you do find your way out, we've also got a corn cannon, rubber duck racing, pumpkin picking, and hayrides. Well, we reckon it'll be a day to remember.